I’m not sure about you, but for me 2019 just flew past. As I write this, there are just 7 days until Christmas. I must have blinked at some point and missed it all?

So contemplating the January rush to submit tax returns at the last minute, like all the best accountants, I thought I might bring up the subject of ‘planning’ – though whatever you do, please don’t take any tax planning tips from me!

I am of course talking about your marketing strategies for the forthcoming year. Marketing a business is a necessary task and some elements can be expensive; brochures, exhibitions, merchandise, signage, online advertising, PR and a whole host of options. Some require more investment than others, yet it never ceases to amaze me the lack of time we allow ourselves to create this media, for what is in essence key to generating more business sales. Often great investment has been made to secure that exhibition floor space, it’s been booked for months, yet it’s not uncommon for us to receive a call to design and produce an exhibition stand, merchandise and brochures within less than a fortnight before the show. I’m not sure if technology has played a part in reducing the timescales over the years, with that “I’ve sent that email, so you’ve started already – right?” kind of perception? Don’t get me wrong, at Studio Creative Services we thrive on pressure and jump through hoops for our clients, but lack of time costs money, reduces options and overall can affect the impact any campaign may have. Engaging with your creative companies early on is key to create comprehensive campaigns across all mediums.

It can also save an awful lot of money. I’m first to wave the British manufacturing flag, we use a vast array of UK manufacturers at Studio Creative Services, though we are limited as to what is available in a short amount of time. We also design and manufacture bespoke merchandise, a lot of which is predominantly sourced from the Far East when we are unable to produce it within the UK. In some cases, manufacturing and shipping can take weeks – months even. Without time and planning clients often have to pick up additional costs, air freight instead of sea freight for instance, or make do with products that aren’t as impactful and can weaken the impact of a campaign. So, if you haven’t already started planning your marketing strategy for 2020, perhaps you might like to give us a call, it will create stronger synergies, save you money in the long run, oh and there will be a little less stress for us too.

The cover image of this post is an example where we saved significant costs planning the import of laser etched glass blocks.

Steve Munson

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