72 On Fire

At the age of 8 Samuel spied an old mini moto bike at the back of Dads garage and asked to have a go. The machine was somewhat of a deathtrap to say the least so Dad invested in a cheap £180 Chinese one to test him out. Using the local Mini Moto Academy track at Swindon Karting, Samuel showed a true ability on the horrendous quality machine, but yet beating his peers on it, though quite quickly it shook itself apart, and thats when things started getting serious and expensive.

Having now bought a proper competition Mini Moto bike, aged 9 Samuel competed in the 2018 Cool Fab Mini Moto ROOKIE Championship and went and won it, having an impressive season gaining X pole positions, 3 Lap records, X podiums and was crowned the UK Cool Fab Mini Moto Rookie Champion 2018. He also gained the nickname “the Munson Burner” by the rather excitable commentator Alan Taddei referring to Samuel as being “on fire” during the commentary of the videoed races – a name that still stands today.

Moving up to faster bikes in the next 2019 season Samuel raced in the Cool Fab Mini Moto PRO class and even faster still ELITE class. Up against riders that had been riding for years more than him. Samuel held his own coming a respectable 4th in the Pro class and 3rd in the Elite which was meant to be his practice year!

Now its 2020, we’ve had a bit of a weird start to the year to say the least, but the season has now started. Samuel is competing again in the Fab Racing Mini Moto Elite Championship and acquired a Metrakit GP50 which allows him to compete in the GP50 class.

Samuel achieved some great results at the combine Round 1 and 2 at Lydd Karting – please like and follow his progress on his Facebook page…