A business with no sign is a sign of no business

We humans are a judgy bunch. By nature, we judge people by their appearance — not that we’d ever admit to it. The same goes for businesses, which we judge by their signage.

Lights draw us in. You’ve only got to look around at everyone with their smartphones glued to their hands to realise that. At Studio Creative Services, we create illuminated signs for shop fascias and businesses — both internally and externally.

We also create vehicle signage for trades companies and floor signage to keep your employees and customers safe throughout the pandemic.

When people keep seeing the same sign, they’ll subconsciously digest the information presented before them. When they have a requirement, your business will be the one they turn to. Unlike an advert in a magazine, on a billboard or the Internet — signs are there 24/7/365 for continual exposure.

They even remain during lockdowns while the rest of the world has stopped moving. Pay per click, printed adverts and other advertising methods only last for a set time. We create signage that’s built to last.

If you’re without a brand or need a brand refresh, we’ll design, manufacture and install — or if we can, take what you already have in place and adapt. We’ll superimpose the proposed design on to your building, vehicle, walls or windows, so you can see exactly how good it will look before we manufacture and install.
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Signage is an essential component of any business’s marketing strategy, proven to drive traffic and sales, but its power is often overlooked. And as the old adage goes: a business with no sign is a sign of no business.

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