Advent Calendar 2020

Come on 2021!

We all want to see the back of 2020. What a year its been for pretty much all the wrong reasons. It’s a year that none of us will forget in a hurry…but we’ve got to look forward and be positive. Business needs to get back to usual and kick start the economy.

We have been planning with a number of our clients the best way of engaging with theirs, some that are still working from home, some that have returned back to the office and also of course those that never left.

There is a huge range of product options but we’ve shortlisted 3 here that have been taken up by a couple of our clients – can’t say who or exactly what or it’ll ruin the surprise but its key to maintain a connection and a positive memory.

Advent Calendars – give your clients and their family the opportunity to wind down 2020 with these branded Belgium Chocolate advert calendars. We have a selection of stock designs that can have your logo and message applied or you can chose to have have a fully bespoke solution. Guaranteed to melt in the mouth.

New Year Cards

New Year Cards – Why not make sure you are at the forefront of your clients mind when they return to work in the new year, with branded, ‘Happy New Year’ cards, carrying customised messages to solidify your relationships for the year ahead. Help them forget 2020, the Christmas cards will be in the recycle bin…Happy New year cards will be up for January…

2021 Calendar – Be on your clients office wall for the entire year – how do you do that…provide them with an awesome Bespoke Year Calendar. Its got to be a good one though…I used to receive loads at the start of every year from our suppliers…how many do you reckon I kept? One…the best one of course. Let us help you design and produce an awesome calendar. The picture here is for the Motorcycle Racing Teams we are involved with – to say thanks to their sponsors but also to remain in their thoughts throughout the year.

Of course there are lots of solution and products beside these that we can identify, create and produce that meets your marketing plan objectives and company brand image. Please contact our team who are eager to support you now, for 2021 and beyond.