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Happy 2020! We hope you had a fantastic time. We’ve been hard at work over the holiday period finalising and fettling this new site of ours. We decided in the middle of last year that we needed to update our website.  We wanted something clean, with a means to be able to easily  display the work that we are continually producing for our clients. It needed to be simple and easy for us to update but at the same time easy for visitors to be able to search and find what they were looking for.

We have a new product and features section on the Home page which enables us to regularly update clients on technical elements, showcase recent work we are proud of and most importantly be able to advertise discount offers and incentives to our customers to take advantage of. This also ties in with the blog section and our plans to email a newsletter once a month to publicise what we are doing. So do make sure you sign up at the bottom of this page (or any of the pages). We promise we will not bombard you and the features and offers you will find interesting.

The portfolio is also quite funky. We can upload images and relevant text into categories that easily segregate when a visitor chooses a category, so rather than a million and one images to hunt through you can be selective and see what you want to find quickly.

We hope you like the new look, we welcome your feedback too so get in touch and tell us what you love or hate, either way we would love to hear from you.

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