MAY NEWSLETTER – Lift Off After Lockdown

Light at the end of the tunnel

We hope you are all well and staying safe. Studio has been quietly operating in the background throughout this unprecedented time – providing support for our clients in the Healthcare sector and Key Worker operations. Though there was some confusion after the Prime Ministers recent speech, the one thing that is clear is social distancing is key to keeping safe, so as the lockdown is progressively lifted, finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we can start moving forward and getting back to business.

With that in mind we wish to let you know that we can support your business with the task of keeping you, your staff and your customers safe with a wide range of solutions that businesses will require when we are all back to work.

We have a generic website that demonstrates a small part of the huge range of BRITISH MADE solutions that we can produce to your custom needs that will help meet the challenges of COVID-19. Please check it out to get a feel for what we can offer and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


The range of products we can offer is not limited to the products just on this website but is a vast list. Each element can be created to suit your brand and budget. We wish to support our clients in getting back to business and not exploit the situation as some businesses appear to be doing.

We can offer quick turnaround timescales too, that includes:

Pull Ups
Floor Graphics and Stickers
Hanging Banners
Pavement Signs
Sneeze Guards
Sanitiser Stations
Information Panels
Partitions ( Free Standing and Modular)

Choose from a range of sizes designs shapes and colours, customised with your branding

Contact our team now – 01793 336004 –