2021 Calendars

2021 calendar

If you could keep your company and brand in the front of your clients and their colleagues all year round what would that be worth??


Calendars are the perfect way to do that and at a very low cost in comparison to other marketing solutions. It also give you 12 opportunities to be specific about your services or product offering your business can provide. Of course there is one drawback…it has to be good…in fact you have to make sure it is the best it can be.


The new year is the time where lots of business use this solution to market their business but some make the fatal mistake of doing it too cheaply or not as well as they can…well when your in receipt of several calendars your going to keep just one…the best one…is that what Pirelli relied on?


The examples pictured are for young racers, saying thanks to their sponsors. We have designed and printed several this year, using a template to keep the design costs low but endeavouring to make each individual.


If you have a requirement to design and print a calendar please get in touch and we can discuss the options available.