2022 Calendars

Every year we say this…because its true…what can you give to prospects, sponsors and existing clients that is cost effective and will potentially keep you, your brand, company and products at the forefront of their minds for an entire year…yes it is a calendar. Not just any calendar but a good calendar, a great calendar! When we say good/great we mean one that is better in quality and design than potentially the “others” that are given out perhaps by your competition.


Our founding partner Steve Munson, was at one time a production manager for a large agency. He received a lot of calendars every year from suppliers…how many did he keep? One…maybe two…the rest were either given to others (if they actually wanted them) but more often than not were unfortunately binned. So for this reason its not just an exercise to get the give-away produced the cheapest way possible, as this is a sure fire way of finding your investment binned before even finding its way to a desk or wall, but create something unique, of quality and useful, something people will want to keep.


Now it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, just needs to be thought out and produced better than the others that are out there. The one we have recently produced for our motorcycle racing friends to give out as thanks to their sponsors are examples of this…they have a great design (if we do say so ourselves), are printed large in A3 size, printed on good quality 170gsm paper, the images are all high resolution, are wire bound with thumb cut and a metal hanger (not folded stapled and hole drilled). Basically are as good as they can be without going silly!

The same applies to our desk calendars, the examples, one we have produced for Flynn’s, A5 size, designed well with month to view, good quality materials with a sturdy stand. And OrangeStripe’s Triangular Tube…laminated for strength.

So though we are posting this in January ’22, start thinking now about 2023’s giveaway, start preparing to accrue images throughout the year, think about including the last month of the current year and the first month of next years, week numbers to add a bit more longevity and, most importantly, remember to give us a call when your ready.