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The Butterfly Gardener is a small company that provides gardening services locally for small and medium sized gardens. Mowing, Weeding, Tidying, Hedging, Green House work and much more. The acquisition of a small van led to thoughts of branding, and as many of their clientele are elderly and live in managed properties, advertising their trusted services within the developments was important.


Not having an appropriate logo, we created one. A typographical logo/image with future thoughts of adding an icon. Using photographs and photoshop, we created a realistic visual for the client to see and honed the design to suit both the vehicle and the clients brief. The visuals we create are 99% accurate to the finished vehicle so what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). The van originally was a mobility vehicle, so we blacked out the rear windows using black vinyl for security of the tools and machinery potentially being carried in the back, and overlaid the design simply using White vinyl.


The result, a very pleased client, a clear message, contact details and professional looking vehicle. If you are thinking of having your vehicle branded give us a call, we will visualise the design on the vehicle first so you really do see what you are going to get.

Van Signage Van Signage  Van Signage Van Signage