A Van That Stands Out

Local bodyshop South West Bodyworkx wanted their little fiesta runaround branded up to give them a little more eXposure in the area.

Having a logo but wanting something a bit fresher, we revamped it and created a couple of options for the van. Using photographs and photoshop, we firstly created a realistic visual for the client to see, honing the design to suit both the vehicle and the clients brief before transferring to artwork. The visuals we create are 99% accurate to the finished vehicle so what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). Here is the final approved artwork.


The result, a very pleased client, with a design that really stands out on the white paintwork with the lime green X, contact details, sun visor, and professional looking 3 colour logo.


If you are thinking of having your vehicle branded give us a call, we will visualise the design on the vehicle first so you really do see what you are going to get.