Company Brochure

Corporate Brochure

We were approached by a local ethical and environmentally focused cleaning company with a requirement to produce a brochure that needed to appeal to their prospective corporate clients. They present themselves as an an easy outlet for Corporate Social Responsibility and that was the main focus of the document. After a brief from the client and discussion on ideas, it was identified that they wanted a 6 page brochure, we set to work creating two different designs.


We created two versions; a 6pp A4 portrait and 6pp A4 Landscape, both possible to be produced in-house on our digital printer. Trouble is, the client loved both designs and formats from the get-go. So the designs were presented to a wide variety of friends, family and clients as to which was most appropriate for the company and the portrait version pictured below was chosen.


Having professionally designed literature is paramount in order to relay your business message of quality and professionalism and that happens before anyone even reads the content. We do unfortunately make judgements about a company by just looking at a business card, leaflet or brochure.

A4 Brochure Design

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