Multi Coloured Business Cards

Business Cards

The business card is the first experience a prospective client has with a brand and subliminally the business cards can have an effect on how a brand is perceived. A bit like a cold, sweaty, limp handshake, no body likes to receive one of those, its memorable for all the wrong reasons, so making an impression with a business card, making sure it feels nice, is designed well,  shows that the business cares about their image. Poor quality, cheap, badly designed cards – does this reflect the products or service the company is selling?


Hydref Accounting appreciate quality, they wanted a quality design and premium finish to their cards, they got that and 5 coloured designs too…we took all the colours from their logo and created a suite of cards that got printed all together.


For little investment you can have a premium business cards too, in a whole range of styles and finishes to make you stand out from the crowd…give our team a call to discuss your requirements.

Business Cards