Unit Signage


If you have premises, people need to know you’re there. An unbranded unit means you are potentially missing out on passing trade. Signage is a no brainer investment, be it on a unit, an office or on company vehicles, as the cost is so low it outweighs any alternative marketing solution as none would last as long as signage.

This example, designed in 2 colour, 7 year external grade vinyl, applied to Aluminium Composite Material, will last an extremely long time. We were not allowed to damage the unit so used extremely strong external tape to affix to the sign to the panels. The client also maximised their advertising further, we installed a larger sign in a nearby field overlooking the main road.

A great investment which will exist for many years.

If you need new signage or your existing is looking tired and is in need of a revamp – get in contact with our team today.