The cost of the anxious customer

If your business doesn’t look COVID-safe, then it’s inevitable that you’re losing customers, and in turn: losing money. We’re talking about being as precautious as possible — not a flimsy piece of plastic sellotaped between your till and customers.

We’ve all seen, and probably walked past, those stores:

  • Staff without masks
  • Too many customers at any given time — all bumping into each other
  • No screens
  • No hand sanitising stations
  • No signs depicting a one-way system, the two-metre rule, or enforcing mask-wearing

It’s a turn-off. Compare this to the shop next door:

  • You join a short queue with a barrier between you and passing people
  • You position yourself as per the two-metre signs on the floor
  • You wait patiently for your turn as the queue efficiently shuffles on
  • There’s a sign on the window: 

Only five people allowed in the store. Please wear a facemask, sanitise your hands, and adhere to the one-way system in place.

  • The member of staff smiles at you from behind a mask and sturdy see-through screen; you can tell they’re smiling by their eyes
  • You put your hands underneath the hand sanitising station that automatically dispensed a glob of goo that you duly rub into your hands — you don’t even have to touch the pump
  • You follow the arrows down the aisles, passing customers without having to squeeze or brush past them until you get to the section you need and pick up your items 

What’s even better is that Studio Creative Services can produce all of these as customised products, which are bursting with your brand colours, personality and voice. Ensuring your customers’ safety shows that you care. We’ll ensure that your customers stop, feel safe, shop and then recommend — rather than walking on by.

You can find out more by emailing or calling 01793 336004.