Illuminated Laser Etched LED Sign


Rightly or wrongly ‘judging a book by its cover’ is human nature. It’s no different with a business. Look at any leaflet, brochure or give-away merchandise, if it has been naively designed and poorly produced, it shows and sets an observer on a path to a less than favourable opinion of the company distributing them. A business premises is the same, it’s a great opportunity for an impact to be made, but it is often overlooked. We’re not talking about keeping the windows clean and the grounds tidy, that should be a given, we are referring to the signage in and around a building as it should be considered as an essential component to a company’s marketing strategy.

Signage is displayed 24-7, 365 days a year. It gives a business brand continual exposure to its passing potential market, drawing attention to where the business is located, especially if the location is rather obscure. How many times have you been wandering around, not quite sure where you should be, going in and out the wrong doors trying to find where your next appointment is?

Having appropriate signage produced is extremely cost effective, as unlike an advert in a periodical publication, it is a one-off payment and starts working for the business as soon as it goes up and continues for many years thereafter. You don’t have to have a massive tray sign above your door, maybe your premises doesn’t allow that anyway, but there are other options you can take advantage of – a subtle window etch for example or a direction sign in the car park? Signage is an essential part of any business brand, proven to increase sales and exposure. Make sure your business isn’t missing out on a great cost effective opportunity!

Steve Munson