Why business publications are important for your marketing?

Business focused magazines, newsletters and brochures are an important part of a company’s marketing plan. Despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives, which all of these can also be, physical documents continue to remain a popular choice.

There’s something about a well-designed printed document that makes it very much a collectible item. Something that can be referred to at a later time at your leisure. Not only can they contain business news, expert guidance or informative product information but they can and should be visually stimulating.

They can be distributed by hand, sent in the post or be a spontaneous pick up. It’s the convenience of being able to be read, put down and read again that makes them different from their digital counterparts. Unlike digital documents sent by email or online links, they are somewhat a “now or never” scenario. Receiving an email at an inconvenient time, be it that you are busy, out and about, the information too much to read on a mobile device, the link quickly moves down the priority list or inbox becoming forgotten and heading towards deleted items.

Of course they are all used for different purposes, and they are all an important part of the marketing mix.

An editorial, advertorial or advert…as can be obtained through The Business Exchange magazines, which we have been involved in designing for the past 5 years. This kind of publication is the opportunity to make your brand visible with a consistent 6 or 12 month campaign, and become associated as an industry expert by sharing critical insights into your industry, products and services, and how they will help the reader.

A word of warning, don’t supply a war and peace essay, keep it short and sweet with a call to action; a whole page of text can be very off putting. Supply the designer with your logo, brand guidelines and interesting imagery to allow them to be creative and draw the readers eyes to your information.

Newsletter Design and Print

It’s a great way to appeal to new clients, the content demonstrating the fact that your company are industry experts, by sharing information that is important and time relevant. It allows you to retain a touch point with existing clients, don’t forget about them, keep them informed of changes too and potentially upsell your products and services to this low hanging fruit.

Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, sharing your industry news often and as it happens, keeps your clients and potential clients up to date and expectant of expert news and advice from your company. A fantastic example of this is Optimum Professional Services newsletter Nuntium which is keeping us all up to date with the Government Covid support and the tax implications, plus much much more.

A4 Brochure Design

This is a key sales document to warm up a lead, share your product and services in-depth to interested parties and therefore needs to look and read well.

However even if your brochure is well-written, it won’t get much response if it’s poorly designed or badly printed. This document reflects everything about your company. Make it look as good as possible.

If you want your newsletters, flyers, leaflets ,adverts, brochures to represent your products and services, please contact our design team and discuss how we can make your business documents look amazing!