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It’s common knowledge that building a business brand extends much further than just having a professional logo. A brand is reflected in everything associated with the business it represents. From a business card to office signage, company brochure to branded merchandise, whatever it might be emanates a subliminal message to all that see and interact with it. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you maintain
quality standards across all marketing collateral, so that it is representative of the image your company wishes to portray.

Judging a book by its cover.

Usually the first piece of marketing collateral that you receive is a business card. This small piece of card (usually!) has a great impact on the perceived values of the individual or company it represents. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a card that is not well designed or produced. Yes, it may serve a purpose and have the contact details on, but it looks and feels a bit like a cold, limp, slightly sweaty handshake – though to be fair you never forget those – for all the wrong reasons!

This is the introduction to your brand, so investing in a well-designed, quality produced card is really quite important. Consider something that’s a little different, something that makes that card stand out from the crowd, from both a design and print finishing aspect.  This could cost you a little more than an online provider might charge, but you are not investing in the business card, but your brand image. Plus it’s a great ice-breaker, you will be surprised at the positive feedback and comments you will receive when handing them out.Business Cards

Look at Apple and the products they sell…in my opinion their products are the market leaders in design and functionality. They are at the top of the premium brand ladder, but forget the products for a moment, just look at the packaging they caress their goods in. They are fantastically designed, and manufactured to the highest standards. The premium experience starts before you’ve even opened the box, which all goes towards why people are prepared to pay a higher price for their products. It makes me despair when I see companies exhibiting at various shows around the country, knowing they have often invested hundreds if not thousands of pounds for the exhibition space, but yet have chosen not to invest in presenting their brand in a professional and quality manner. ‘Investing’ instead, in purchasing the cheapest pull up banner, sticking up a few posters and offering “straight in the bin” merchandise.

Working documents that reflect the professionalism and quality of the company its products and workmanship


Walk on by…

Now, I’m not saying that you have to purchase the most expensive products to present a quality image, far from it…you just have to plan, be knowledgeable and selective. The one thing Studio Creative Services offers, and obviously I am slightly bias, is quality and value for money. We refuse to use the cheapest paper we could to print on. We don’t buy the cheapest hardware to put our pull up banners in. We just don’t produce anything that we wouldn’t be proud to put our own brand on, because everything we produce for our clients is a direct reflection of our brand and our image – irrespective that it doesn’t have our logo on.

Your brand reflects your business and with us your brand is in safe hands.

Steve Munson

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